• An Artistic Touch: The first step is all about creativity. We can create custom designs to fit the needs of each individual client. Once the artwork is sized to fit a particular garment, the customer must approve the color and the overall appearance. 
  • From Paper To Thread: The next stage in the process, called digitizing, takes place in the embroidery department. It refers to a special formatting process where the two-dimensional design or artwork is converted into stitches or thread. This part of the process is often misunderstood. When designing embroidered products, it’s not possible to use art formats like jpg or tif and convert them to embroidery. When a design is digitized, it programs the sewing machine to create a three-dimensional result, with a specific stitch, design, and color.
  • The Process Of Production: After digitizing, it’s time to start embroidering! The team loads certain thread colors into the sewing machine, doing all the work by hand. Operators set the machine to sew the design in a specific color sequence and sewing speed. The garments are then hooped and loaded into the sewing machine once again. This work is also done by hand. 
  • Final Steps: When the embroidering is complete, team members carefully inspect the products to ensure the finished garment is perfect. The final result is folded, packed, and prepared for shipping.